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Clipping 13.06.06

As DVD Sales Slow, Hollywood Hunts For a New Cash Cow – Ken Belson in New York Times

Is There Something Rotten in CGM Research? – entrevista de Toby Bloomberg a Bill Neal in Marketing Proofs Daily Fix 

Governo de Bush Utiliza os Media – notícia DN

Clipping 12.06.06

In Web Era, Big Money Can't Buy an Exclusive – Julie Bosman in New York Times

Product Placement Deals Make Leap From Film to Books – Motoko Rich in New York Times 

Clipping 11.06.06

How To Get Traffic For Your Blog – Seth Godin in Seth's Blog

First Impressions, Blogs, and Your Personal Brand – David Armano in Marketing Profs Daily Fix

Clipping 08.06.06

New TiVo Service Brings Broadband Video to TVin MarketingVox

Meaningless Words Lead to Stupid Marketing Surveys – Allen Weiss in Marketing Profs Daily Fix

Turning Data Into Dollars: Wal-Mart Said What? – John Sviokla in Sviokla's Context

Clipping 07.06.06

Why Blog Post Frequency Does Not Matter Anymore – Eric Kintz in Marketing Profs Daily Fix

How to Get Traffic to Your Blog – Seth Godin in Seth's Blog

Web Joins TV, Radio as Dominant Pure Reach Vehicle – Abbey Klaassen in Advertising Age
Can Bloggers Get Real – Matt Bay in NY Times (este aqui tinha nas minhas bookmarks há algum tempo, por isso espero que ainda esteja disponível por mais algum tempo – para já está!)

Clipping 29.05.06

Why the Democratic Ethic of the World Wide Web May Be About to End – Adam Cohen in New York Times (registo gratuito necessário)

Blogging Liberates 'Web 2.0' – Sara Ivry in International Herald Tribune

Clipping 26.05.06

Tell Me What I'm Thinking – Jim Lenskold in Marketing Profs Daily Fix

A 'More Revolutionary' Web – Victoria Shannon in International Herald Tribune